Medical Tourism in India - An Overview
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The term Medical Tourism has emerged from the practice of citizens of highly industrialized nations such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Western Europe etc. traveling to other countries around the globe to receive a variety of medical and healthcare services, mainly due to continually rising costs of the same services and procedures in their own countries. In addition, these people also take on the role of tourists, vacationing and taking advantage of all the major sites and attractions that these nations have to offer, in conjunction with receiving medical treatment.

In addition to the rising costs of healthcare in places like the United States and Great Britain, the increasing ease and affordability of international travel via air and sea, as well as the rapid advancement of medical technologies in lesser-developed nations all around the world have all contributed to the growing global interest in Medical Tourism.

Places like India, the East Indies, Mexico, and South America are becoming very popular when it comes to Medical Tourism. Not only do these nations provide a high level of quality medical care at significantly lower rates, but they also offer an abundant number of touring, site-seeing, shopping, dining, and relaxation options as well. Other Medical Tourism hot spots are the West Indies, the Philippines. Africa, the Middle East, and Mexico.

Ample data by virtue of surveys is available on the Medical Tourism concept and increasing number of people are joining this bandwagon every year.